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Понедельник, 01 Июль 2013, msgid=050000001448DF306D552806, mode=0

  • German here. So maybe we should, as a response to this, offer political asylum to edward snowden. Wouldn′t that be
  • We really should. Дания.
  • Would love that. Норвегия.
  • Well, we′re trying… Исландия.
  • Good. Фарерские острова.
  • Help. Канада.
  • HELP!! США.
  • We should get to EU to start issuing economical threats to the USA. Нидерланды.
    1. Asylum for Snowden
    2. Close all US military bases in Europe. Since we obviously are a "Angriffsziel" it would be stupid to let the military stay here
    3. Deport US diplomatic personell so there is just the neccesary minimum of suspicious people
    4. strict controlls of people entering from the US, UK.
      (Fingerprints, purpose of the visit, who do they meet while here)
    5. Classify the US as rougue state
  • Die USA sollten lieber ihre Geheimdienste ueberwachen statt ihre Verbuendeten. The USA should rather monitor their secret services than their allies. Luxembourg′s foreign minister Jean Asselborn.
  • The biggest question on my mind is what tangible information are they gaining from the spying and who is making a profit?
  • charge the US gov’t as the criminal organisation it is.
  • German media seems slightly more interested in this than US media.
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