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Вторник, 25 Июнь 2013, msgid=050000007E82C9473D604E13, mode=0

  • Stop trying to make Edward Snowden a criminal. It is not going to happen
  • The US shouldn′t hunt him down. He did nothing wrong. He brought to light the fact that our civil liberties are being more than violated.
  • Yep. We need to impeach Obama and gut the NSA and any other treasonous snake who broke our Constitution in the name of personal power.
  • I′m pretty sure that 90% of US citizens don′t want him charged or tried. Only the far right wing nuts and the Obama administration. I′m honestly a bit torn. My idealist side says this guy is a patriot going against a government that has lost its way. My practical side says that we′re just uncomfortable seeing proof that the government is doing something that we expect on some level. Maybe I′m just one of those people who is closer to the security end of the security/liberty spectrum.
  • How can I, the common working class guy, support Snowden? BTW, I am not a US citizen. Donate Money?
  • Unfortunately nobody gives a crap what Amnesty International says about anything. :(
  • Thank you Amnesty, we really needed your opinion about the subject. Why this organization even exist this day? it is not like it is solving any problem or even raising awareness, there is internet for that.
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