Месседж Электронной армии Сирии.

Четверг, 24 Ноябрь 2011, msgid=00653

:-) Сирийские хакеры ломанули сайты десяти тысяч английских обезьян и разместили на каждом следующее сообщение, цитирую:

We are a group of young Syrian jealous of his homeland and his land
We are not backed by any one
Call home is the one who created us
Some try to distort our image to get rid of us are working on this in several ways but we are steadfast
Was deleted our page on Facebook more than 100 times the reasons I will not tell you Look them and compared them to what we’re doing on Facebook
The Syrian people as a whole stands with the leader Bashar al-Assad
There is evidence to say this
What became known published information that is misleading and an incitement to sedition in Syria, in order to be an argument for America occupies Syria, as it did in the
Iraq — Libya — Afghanistan
But the question here
Why are you silent on the actions of the U.S. & U.K Governments Are you afraid??
If you are afraid, why your country is called the country’s democracy???
So we say you will not be silent for the actions of your government
All sites will be the target for us to hear our voice against the whole world for your government failed
Who are we?
We are the
Syrian Electronic Army

Сирийские хакеры ломанули сайты десяти тысяч английских лохов.

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